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Gentle Hatha Yoga & Restore

Gentle Hatha Yoga is a softer, less strenuous form of Hatha Yoga but one that still offers all the positive effects that a regular yoga session provides.

Intro to Piyo

Simpler moves than a PiYo class with more explanation that breaks down step-by-step the Pilates and yoga poses. We will flow into a simpler, easier class that will help students become comfortable joining a PiYo class, or just enjoy this class with a mild, gentle flow.

Nice and Easy Yoga

This class incorporates chairs and props to facilitate the poses and postures of yoga, making it easier for those with any health or physical limitations to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Pilates/Yoga Blend (PiYo)

PiYo, a hybrid class that fuses the mind/body practices of yoga with the rigor of Pilates, toning your core muscles while working on building strength and flexibility through stretching.

Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic form of yoga focusing on gentle flexibility and harmony with mind and body using props to gently deepen the poses and provide greater relaxation.

Rise & Shine PiYo 
An early morning Pilates & yoga blend, gentle but yet powerful, with modifying poses, less impact, taught at a slower pace.  A great core workout.
Yoga Basics
This class is very similar to our Intro to Piyo...but with yoga poses. We use props such as chairs, bolsters, and blocks to help students new to yoga become comfortable with joining an all level yoga class.

Yoga for Runners

Improve flexibility and reduce injury by integrating a yoga practice into your running training.